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Primrose Hill Surgery Clinicians Availability

Welcome to Primrose Hill Surgery! Our team of experienced healthcare professionals is here to provide you with high-quality care during our opening hours. Please take note of the availability of our clinicians, including General Practitioners (GPs), Physician Associates, Clinical Pharmacist, Practice Nurses, Social Prescriber, Mental Health Nurse, Healthcare Assistant, General Practitioner Assistant, Psychiatrist, and our Practice Manager.

General Practitioners (GPs):

  1. Dr Abanti Paul
    • Availability: Monday to Friday
  2. Dr Martin Everson
    • Availability: Monday and Tuesday
  3. Dr Laura Williamson
    • Availability: Tuesday and Wednesday
  4. Dr Akashata Sanga
    • Availability: Wednesday ,Thursday and Friday
  5. Dr Farah
    • Availability: Monday and Thursday
  6. Dr Kiran Soda
    • Availability: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  7. Dr Jonathan Zeilinger
    • Availability: Monday
  8. Dr Lwin Than (Maternity-Locum)
    • Availability: Wednesday and Thursday
  9. Dr Alia Butt
    • On maternity leave.

Physician Associates:

  1. Behshta Safari
    • Availability: Monday to Friday
  2. Josh Howarth-Bloore
    • Availability: Monday to Friday

Clinical Pharmacist:

  1. Grishma Bhupthani
    • Availability: Monday to Friday

Mental Health Nurse:

  1. Joyce Tanoh
    • Availability: Wednesday

Healthcare Assistant:

  1. Emma Scandrany
    • Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

General Practitioner Assistant:

  1. Amani Khalid
    • Availability: Monday to Friday

Practice Nurse:

  1. Nathalie Marianne
    • Availability: Monday and Thursday

Social Prescriber:

  1. Micha Bedwell
    • Availability: Monday and Tuesday


  1. Dr Roman Duncko
    • Availability: Friday

Practice Manager:

  1. Thushy Selva
    • Availability: Monday to Friday

For any inquiries or to schedule an appointment, please contact our friendly reception team during our regular opening hours on 0207 722 0038. We wish Dr Alia Butt all the best during her maternity leave, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with our dedicated care. Your well-being is our priority at Primrose Hill Surgery.


Date published: 26 January 2024
Date last updated: 26 January 2024