updated at 04:53pm on 28/03/2019

by Anonymous gave Primrose Hill Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Brilliant surgery

I would highly receomend this surgery, doctors are caring and compassionate and the reception team especially the two who have been there many years are always very helpful, actually go out of their way to see to our needs as a family. We are grateful to be registered here.

Visited in May 2018, Posted on 11 June 2018

by Anonymous gave Primrose Hill Surgery a rating of 1 stars

Reluctant to seek help because of how I am treated

I have visited Primrose Hill Surgery a couple of times for myself and for my children. The reception staff is shockingly rude and unpolite. Someone should really hire new staff, or implement staff training, as staff needs to kindly and calmly take care and help often vulnerable people that may be in stress.

Another critical point is their availability of times. You try to call just when they open, no one answers, when you finally come through, they tell you the appointments have been booked and that you should have called earlier. This is said in a rude and upolite manner, and you sit yourself or with your really sick kids that need help. It is extremely frustrating! Whatever I do to get help there is always some kind of explanation why I could not, and which of course always is my wrongdoing.

I am going to change to the nearby GP.

Visited in February 2018, Posted on 25 May 2018