AGM of the Primrose Hill Surgery Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Thursday 16 May 2019 at 6.30pm at Primrose Hill Community Library

Present: Committee members: John Nutt (chair), Doro Marden (retiring secretary), Jennifer Moates, Sally Mackenzie, Lillian Shapiro.  Apologies: David Nissan

In attendance: Dr Abanti Paul, Tracy Martin, Eddie Davidson, Dr Hannah Redhouse and Dr Krish Kandya

  1. Chair’s Report

John Nutt welcomed those present and introduced committee members and staff of the surgery.

Role of the PPG

John explained that every GP Practice is obliged to have an active PPG as part of its NHS Contract. Our aims are to:

  • strengthen the relationship between the Practice and its Patients
  • assist the Practice in continuing to improve the provision of healthcare
  • ensure that patients are at the heart of decision-making

As a PPG we are affiliated to the National Association for Patient Participation, and more locally to Camden PPG.


Since 30 January 2018 we have held:

  • 6 committee meetings
  • 6 meetings with the doctors & some practice staff
  • 2 Open Meetings (with guest speakers on blood pressure and bowel cancer and inflammatory bowel disease).
  • 5 meetings at relevant organisations such as Health Watch, Camden Patient and Public Engagement Group and Voluntary Action Camden.

How the PPG is helping

  • Website: we are commenting on the new practice website and are working to make online appointments easier to achieve. 
  • Social Prescribing, we are working with the Practice to help patients to access the many clubs, activities and classes available locally and in Camden – in short to help them help themselves to be healthier.
  • Communications: We have sent out regular emails to our members and written in our local magazine, On The Hill, about surgery news and health issues.
  1. Election of Chair & Vice Chair

During the period since our last AGM, Barbara Rosenbaum, Patricia Snell, Des Pellicena, and Caroline Powell have left the Committee, and Sally McKenzie & Lilian Shapiro have been co-opted to join the Committee.

We are very sad to report that Barbara Wood, the first Chair of our PPG, passed away on April 23rd, having fought cancer for 18 years.  She was active in many channels and bodies to do with making the patient voice heard in the NHS and will be much missed. Our thoughts and sympathies are with her family and friends

Election of Chair – John Nutt; Proposed by Jenny Moates, seconded by Sally Mackenzie

Election of Vice Chair – Jennifer Moates; proposed by Doro Marden, seconded by Sally Mackenzie

Election of new committee members - Sally Mackenzie and Lillian Shapiro; proposed by Maureen Betts, seconded by Caroline Powell

If you are interested in becoming a PPG committee member, please apply via our section of the practice website or speak to Barbara on Reception

Doro Marden has acted as secretary since PHPPG's inception, sadly she now feels it is time for her to move on; she will be greatly missed.  John reported that Doro has been of huge help to him since he became Chair and he thanked her for all her support. Dr Abanti Paul presented a gift and card from the surgery and PPG to thank Doro for all her help and hard work.

  1. Membership
  • 173 as of 29 April 2019 (patients who have asked to join our Patient Participation Group)
  • 6000+ patients registered at the practice - if you want us to keep in touch please sign up!
  1. Any Other Business

There was no other business

Published: May 16, 2019